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    strawb Меню пользователя strawb
    По умолчанию Reset Alcatel one touch pop c7 in preffered language. - 20.08.2016, 10:43   Старый #1
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    Hello everybody!
    I I have an Alcatel one touch pop 7 mobile phone which was bought from Hellas
    (used,wrong and insulting term ''Greece'').
    I made the mistake to lent it to my cousin for a week and when he gave me it back the Hellenic Preloaded Language was missing.
    I asked him why I can't find the Hellenic preloaded language and he told me that some instant the phone crashed and stopped to working and he was forced to load another rom for this model to make it work.
    What tool do I have to use and what guide do I have to follow to reset my phone in Hellenic preloaded language?
    Is there some secret code to type on the keyboard of phone to make it faster?

    Regards from Hellas
    Последний раз редактировалось strawb; 20.08.2016 в 10:53.
    strawb вне форума  
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    treexel Меню пользователя treexel
    По умолчанию Re: Reset Alcatel one touch pop c7 in preffered language. - 20.08.2016, 15:30   Старый #2
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    Супер Модератор
    1,036 Сообщений
    It is better, to contact the service in your town, or give phone your cousin, let bring in service. Independently it will be difficult to do, with the level of your knowledge.
    Best regards.
    treexel вне форума  
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