Разблокирован 3 жс на att ,у кого со спринтом получилось ?
Я общался в чате.Мне написали такое
Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding unlocking your device. At this time, since you are not a Sprint customer , we would be unable to assist with unlocking your Sprint phone. Sprint Policy ( http://www.sprint.com/legal/unlocking_policy.html ) requires:

1) The device be on an active Sprint Account

2) The account be at least 90 days old

3) The account not be delinquent

4) Device active on Sprint account for minimum of 90 days

5) If the account is an ASL account:

There is no unfulfilled Service Agreement associated with the line of service.

There is no outstanding Installment Billing Agreement balance associated with the device.

Without meeting these requirements we could not unlock the device. The request is sent out Over the Air on the Sprint Network and that is why the device has to be on our network for us to assist.