Выпущено обширное обновление UCT Plus версии 5.00.

Детали обновления UCT Plus v5.00:

SpreadTrum (SPD):
[SPD] Add SPD 6800H Support
[SPD] Read Info, Read Code, Read Flash, Write Flash
[SPD] Added Read NV & Write NV
[SPD] Support all 64M, 128M Font
[SPD] Retention of expert mode, can customize the file address & write file options
[SPD] Improve the communication protocol
[SPD] Increased the search cipher function
[SPD] Improve the search screen saver password algorithm
[SPD] Perfect written algorithm, can boot after written
[SPD] Full Erase before Flash (Need Tick Experts Mode)

[MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533C Support
[MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533D Support
[MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533N (NAND 64M) Support
[MStar] Add Mstar 8533C\8533D\8532 (NOR 32M) Support
[MStar] Auto Select Boots, easy working
[MStar] More Best Function Mstar Read Code Form Flash File

MediaTeK (MTK):
[MTK] Add MTK CPU Support
[MTK] Read Info, Read Flash, Write Flash, Auto Format Address
[MTK] MTK Last Boot Ver v5.1209.00 Added
[MTK] Support MTK CPU 6250 & 6252
[MTK] Correction of MTK CPU Boots 6253, 6225
[MTK] Add MTK Factory Set New Function
[MTK] Add MTK New Flash Support
[MTK] Add MTK 6253 More Support
[MTK] Fix Flash Fail Bug in MTK CPU Mobile
[MTK] Fix MTK 6250/6252 Boot Fail Bug
[MTK] New Flash Support SF_GD25LQ128

[UI] Flash Support More than 50 Type
[UI] Add Pattern unlock Support
[UI] Add Function For Auto Connect Box
[UI] Intelligent automatic processing the file zone size

[FW] New Firmware 1.60C
[FW] Improved Scanning for all China Mobiles
[FW] Add new MStar Boot
[FW] Added Auto Pinfind support for MStar
[FW] Added a real-time detection Signal
[FW] PinUSE can understand Mobile was Connect normal or not
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