Привет всем! Я конечно не силен во всех этих официальных анлокак и английский мой хромает изрядно, но вроде как заявку на анлок у меня приняли вот мой двести петидесятый чат и техподдержкой спринта.

Latia N.: Thank you for choosing Sprint. My name is Latia N.. Please wait while I review your information.
Latia N.: Would this be the first time that you are contacting Sprint regarding this, and can I have a good number to contact you in case the need arises?
Kirill Morgalenko: Hello.
Kirill Morgalenko: I can not use another operators on my phone
Latia N.: Thank you for contacting Sprint eChat,doing today? How can I assist you
Kirill Morgalenko: i want unlock my iphone. i bought it on eBay And Im live in Eupore. Im not Sprint subscriber
Latia N.: Thank you for your information you will have to meet the sprit requirements what is your imie number
Kirill Morgalenko: IMEI numder: ----------------
Latia N.: Thank you for your information one moment please
Kirill Morgalenko: okay
Latia N.: One moment please
Kirill Morgalenko: i am wait, no problem
Latia N.: I have submitted the inactive case for you. You will be able to contact us again after 10 business days (not including weekends) to check if your device was unlocked successfully. Case ID: 116485828
Kirill Morgalenko: is the number of applications for unlocking?
Latia N.: Was there anything else that I could assist you with Our sprint team is trying our best to make sprint better for you and your family If you need me please reply to the email
Latia N.: Thank you for contacting Sprint eChat. We take pride in providing the best customer service possible to our customers. It has been my pleasure assisting you today. I appreciate your business and thank you for being the best part of Sprint. Have a great day
Latia N.: Yes the case helps your phone become unlock for international use
Kirill Morgalenko: Will there be a message to emeil successful unlocking?
Latia N.: Once you pass all the requirements the unlock team unlock your phone keep your phone connected to wifi
Latia N.: Yes
Kirill Morgalenko: ooo senk you wery mach
Latia N.: Your welcome
Kirill Morgalenko: l love u
Kirill Morgalenko: bye
Latia N. has disconnected.
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