Если отключить шлейф, телефон не запускается. Как обмануть контролер дисплея.
Pin No. Symbol I/O Description Remarks
1 LED+ - Power supply for LED(Anode)
2 LED- - Power supply for LED(Cathode)
3 GND - Ground
4 TE O Tearing signal output from driver IC
5 IOVDD - Power supply for I/O
6 AVDD - Power supply for analog
7 LEDPWM O Backlight LED driver PWM
8 XRES I Device reset signal “L” Active
9 GND - Ground
10 VR - Power supply of SW LCD
11 CTS1/ID1/IM1 Control signal 1/ID1(100kΩ Pull-down GND) and
interface select signal of MDDI and MIPI
12 GND - Ground
13 GND - Ground
14 MDDI_STBM/DSI_CLKN I MDDI strobe negative signal
15 MDDI_STBP/DSI_CLKP I MDDI strobe positive signal
16 GND - Ground
17 MDDI_DM1/DSI_D0N I/O MDDI data1 negative signal
18 MDDI_DP1/DSI_D0P I/O MDDI data1 positive signal
19 GND - Ground
20 MDDI_DM2/DSI_D1N I/O MDDI data2 negative signal
21 MDDI_DP2/DSI_D1P I/O MDDI data2 positive signal
22 GND - Ground
23 GND/MTP PWR I Voltage supply pin for MTP,
Please connect to ground GND
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