SPTBOX DELUXE 15.0.5 RELEASED!!Minor Update!!

* First IN World GT-S7562I Flash/Unlock/Master IMEI
* First IN World GT-S5830K Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-N8013 Flash
* First IN World GT-P7500U Flash
* First IN World SCH-I500 Flash
* Improved GT-N7100 Imei/Unlock
* Improved GT-I9300 Imei/Unlock
* Improved GT-I9308 Imei/Unlock
* New Android Series SN REPAIR ADDED(I9300,N7100,P7500 etc)

NEW Procedure OF N7100/I9300/I9308 Following:
* First Make Root Phone
* Mark Unlock(if just want unlock) Press SPT MODE
* If want imei should mark repair imei and unlock together
* Then Factory Mode.