Возможные проблемы с телефонами S1

Поврежденная trim зона, imei не может быть прочтен, статус simlocks "tampered" или "0"

Первое, нам необходимо восстановить trim зону, для этого

1. выберите корректную модель
2. в настройках, выберите "signed mode","enable alternative security bypass"
3. добавьте в область прошивки
если у вас телефон на neptune-основе - W302_TA.SSW
если у вас телефон t280,t303,r306,r300,k330,w205,Tilde - R300_TA.SSW
если у вас телефон t250 - t250_ta.ssw
если у вас телефон Z250,z320,t270 - z320_ta.ssw
если у вас телефон j132 - j132_ta.ssw
4. нажмите flash

you can use trim area in .bin format to restore trim area, for that add trim area in misc. edit, check "signed mode","altbypass mode","format gdfs when writing" and press "write gdfs"

now trim area structure restored and phone should be signed with s1 signature server.
it is recommended,though restore phone original imei first, for that:

1. create text file with contents:
2. select proper model, check on settings only "signed mode", select created file in misc. field
3. press "write script", file will be created in form %imei%.txt
4. looks at file in notepad, you will see imei inside in very simple form, change imei to original and save file
5. select changed file in misc. field and again press write script
6. check with identify if you set correct imei, repeat 4,5 until success

now you need unlock phone using signature server, consult corresponding faq post for that.

note, that alternative security bypass not available for phones with aid 0004, you can not fix aid004 phone with damaged trim area.

phone simlock okay, not tampered, but phone stucked,slow,rebooting. flashing not help.

most probably, internal fs gone to winds. you need write fullflash from working phone or write clean file system, then reflash phone
check support area for that files.
please note, that all neptune-based phones can be cured with w302_fullflash,etc (check trim area repair case)
in most cases, alternative security bypass needed for writing fullflash.

note, that alternative security bypass not available for phones with aid 0004.

phone can't be detected at all

semcboot somehow got damaged, while it is never touched by any process.

procedure to fix:

1. select correct model
2. on settings check "signed mode"
3. add erom to firmware tab.
if you have neptune based phone: 1207-7713_EROM_S1_NEPTUN_HS_SEMC_SIMLOCK_R7A024.sin
if you have locosto based phone, then select situable from:
for w395 CXC1250616_EROM_S1_LOCOSTO_HS_USB_FLAFLA_R5A038.si n will do job

4.press recovery

check if phone trim area/simlock are okay by doing identify.
repair simlock or trim area if needed.

note, that semcboot repair not available for phones with aid 0004.
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