FlashTool v5.1120.00
====================v5.1120.00 ==================
New Features:
1. FlashTool support the new chip: MT6276M Data Card and MT6921
Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Fix an issue regarding the secure usb download which formats the last block when flashtoolcfg is enabled
2. [UI] Fix the "UNKNOWN" bins error message when users re-start FlashTool
3. [UI] Enable the DUAL_MAC_DSP_BL when user chooses any of the bootloaders.
4. [DA] Fix the bootloader USB download error in WINBOUND flash

New Features:
1. Support MXIC serial flash OTP mechanism
2. Support MT6276 FOTA feature
3. Support MT6251 Root Certificate mechanism
Bug fixes:
1. [DA] Support MT6251 partial download for MBA project
2. [DA] Fix NOR AMD OTP bug which caused program fail
3. [DA] Fix recovery range error which caused partial download fail
4. [DA] Fix MT6236 Memory Test
1. [FlashTool] Support to allocate MAUI bins in 4KB boundary address
2. [FlashTool] MT6276/MT6251 support format FAT via S-USBDL
Memory support:
1. [FlashTool] Support MT6251/MT6252 PCT serial flash
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