FlashTool v5.1212.00
New Feature:
[MT6256/MT6255] Support Download Without Battery Feature. User doesn't need battery for download stage. At first, user need to choose "USB Download Without Battery" in the UI options. Then only plug-in usb cable and press KCOL0 to trigger BootROM USB download.

[SV5 NAND project] Support EXT-Bootloader self-update feature. This feature allow user to update EXT-bootloader in Bootloader USB download flow.
[SV3 NOR project] Support Boot Certificate V2 feature.

Bug Fix:
[MT6276/MT6276M] Fix download fail issue caused from bad block management. The symptom is download fail error and the progress bar is stopped at 85%.
[MT6255 SPASION ADUMUX] Tool shows download fail at 65% progress.
Because tool costs a lot of time to wait SPASION flash program and erase, PC side and Target side handshare mechanism is insufficient that PC side timeout and report the download fail.

[SV3 NAND project] Check resource version instead of project ID between MAUI ROM and MBA resource ROM, if MAUI ROM contain resource version.

Note: SV3(Security Version Three) MT6223/MT6253/MT6252/MT6235/MT6236/MT6238/MT6225
SV5(Security Version Five) MT6251/MT6256/MT6255/MT6276
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