сегодня в чате со sprint отказали в разлочке
вот текст
Jeannette F.: Thank you for choosing Sprint. My name is Jeannette F.. Please wait while I review your information.
Jeannette F.: Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you today. How are you doing?
Timofej Dolmatov: okej
Jeannette F.: Do you currently have an active Sprint account?
Timofej Dolmatov: no
Jeannette F.: Would this be the first time you are contacting Sprint regarding this?
Timofej Dolmatov: Yes
Jeannette F.: One moment please...
Timofej Dolmatov: ok
Jeannette F.: Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding unlocking your device. At this time since the device is not currently active, or has never been active on a Sprint account, we will not be able to process the unlock at this time.
Timofej Dolmatov: And how can you unlock? I do not speak English writing through translator
Jeannette F.: Unfortunately, without the phone having ever been active on a Sprint Account, our system will not allow us access to process an unlock for your phone. I do apologize if this is an inconvenience to you.
Jeannette F.: For details our unlock policy you can visit: http://www.sprint.com/legal/unlockin...=vanity:unlock
Jeannette F.: If you would like to become a Sprint customer, please contact us by calling 866-866-7509. Thank you for contacting Sprint eChat. Have a great day.
Jeannette F. has disconnected.
что делать iPhone 6s ?