ѕросмотр полной версии : iPhone 6 схема и расположение деталей

12.05.2015, 20:17
ѕередн€€ сторона платы Apple iPhone 6
●  расный Ч application processor, Apple A8 APL1011 SoC + SK Hynix RAM as denoted by the markings H9CKNNN8KTMRWR-NTH (we presume it is 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM, the same as in the iPhone 6 Plus);
● ќранжевый Ч LTE Modem Qualcomm MDM9625M;
● ∆Єлтый Ч Low Band LTE PAD Skyworks 77802-23;
● «елЄный Ч High Band PAD Avago A8020;
● —иний Ч Ultra High Band PA + FBARs Avago A8010;
● ‘иолетовый Ч Mid Band LTE PAD SkyWorks 77803-20 ;
● „ерный Ч 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer Combo InvenSense MP67B.

●  расный Ч Envelope Tracking IC Qualcomm QFE1000;
● ќранжевый Ч Antenna Switch Module RF Micro Devices RF5159;
● ∆Єлтый Ч Mid Band PAD SkyWorks 77356-8;
● «елЄный Ч Bosch Sensortec BMA280.

ќбратна€ сторона платы Apple iPhone 6
●  расный Ч 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND Flash SanDisk SDMFLBCB2;
● ќранжевый Ч Wi-Fi Module Murata 339S0228;
● ∆Єлтый Ч Power Management IC Apple/Dialog 338S1251-AZ;
● «елЄный Ч Touchscreen Controller Broadcom BCM5976;
● —иний Ч ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (also known as the M8 motion coprocessor) NXP LPC18B1UK;
● ‘иолетовый Ч NFC module + Secure Element (likely contains an NXP PN544 NFC controller inside) NXP 65V10;
● „ерный Ч RF Transceiver Qualcomm WTR1625L.

●  расный Ч receive-only companion chip. Qualcomm states that the WFR1620 is "required for implementation of carrier aggregation with WTR1625L." Qualcomm WFR1620;
● ќранжевый Ч Power Management IC Qualcomm PM8019;
● ∆Єлтый Ч Touch Transmitter Texas Instruments 343S0694;
● «елЄный Ч NFC Booster IC designed to Уimprove performance of existing NFC controllers for challenging environments such as mobile and wearablesФ and also delivers Уless restrictive antenna design requirementsФ. AMS AS3923;
● —иний Ч Audio Codec Cirrus Logic 338S1201.

12.05.2015, 20:19
ѕринципиальна€ схема и расположение элементов телефона Apple iPhone 6.

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