Просмотр полной версии : Miracle Advance Android Tool Cracked

29.10.2014, 12:14
Miracle Advance Android Tool Cracked


Удаление блокировки опознания лица*
Расширенное чтение информации
Улучшена установка приложений

Samsung Android

Графический блок - Без Root - Без отладки по Usb
Пароль блок - Без Root - Без отладки по Usb
Числовой блок - Без Root - Без отладки по Usb

Поддерживает подключение по Usb или Rj45

* How to install and run :

1 - install Miracle_Advance_Android_Tool_v1.2 - Cracked - DzCraXx.exe
2 - copy MAAT_1.2_LOADER_DzCraXx.exe to install folder [C:\Program Files\Maat] paste
3 - Double-click MAAT_1.2_LOADER_DzCraXx.exe

N-Joy ! this fine release from DxCraXx.

1. Отключаем антивирус
2. Устанавливаем оригинальный инсталятор MAAT 1.2
3. Добавляем папку с установленной программой в исключения антивируса.
4. Запускаем MAAT_1.2_LOADER_DzCraXx.exe (его скопировать в папку с установленным MAAT)
Miracle Advance Android Tool V1.2
World's Best Android Tool

Added :

1. Connect/ReadInfo/Unlock Android All Mobile (Android)
2. Super Speed Connect in Micro Seconds
3. Root 4 Method all Generic Technology
5. Samsung MTP UNLOCK Pattern/Password/PIN NO USB DEBUG REQUIRE.
6. Remove Face Lock
7. Remove Voice/Facelock - Comes in Most Android 4.x
8. Remove Signature Lock - comes in New Samsung Note 3 Series.
9. Remove Finger Print Lock - comes in New Samsung S5 Series
10. Batch Apk Installer - Both Internel / Externel Memories / Force Mode

- No Need USB Debug Required
- Remove Pattern Unlock
- Remove Password Unlock
- Remove Pin Unlock

Nokia Android Tool
- Added Read Info
- Rebooter - Fastboot - Normal - Cwm
- One Click Root
- Install Kitkat Launcher
- Install Google Services
- Uninstall Google Services
- Flash ClockworkMod Recovery
- x Flasher
- Flash Boot,Recovery,System,variant,Data,Cache,preload..

Root Tool
- Manual Root 4 Methods (Support Wide Range of Devices)
- Smart Root Tests All Availble Exploits with one Click

Maat Pro Editor Tool
- Read/Backup/Edit Gps.conf
- Read/Backup/Edit Hosts
- Read/Backup/Edit/Update Latest Hosts
- Read/Backup/Edit Build.Props
- Read/Backup/Edit Hw-config
- Read/Backup/Edit Install-Recovery
- Read/Backup/Edit vdd_Levels
- Read/Backup/Edit Media Profiles

System Partitions Backup tool
- One Click Backup all available Partitons
Ics Default Memory Changer

Full Service
-Backup and Restore
-One click Root
-One click Unroot
- Full phone info
-Bootloader information
-Dump Partion Block
-Read Partion Block
-Full Self test for 2014 phones
-Auto Superuser Updater
-Direct Reboot to bootloader mode

Flash Mode
-Direct Full flash
-Flash with fastboot mode
-Zip Flasher
-Flash Boot
-Flash Recovery
-Flash Modem
-Flash efi

Backup One Click (Need Root)
-Backup SMS
-Backup Contact
-Backup Application
-Backup Device Data
-Backup Storage / SD Card

Support connection by Usb or Rj45
(Universal Connect Mode like NSPRO BOX/Z3X BOX/ UFS BOX)